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Hello everyone!

Tiki here. I’ve been playing Rust again with friends on a new server. I’m not managing this one,  =T$E= Sonido is the server owner/operator and of my time playing there(since 4 resets ago) he’s as neutral/fair as it gets – follows the same kinds of ethics that me and Phucket followed when administering our server. If you haven’t played in a long while, Rust has gotten A LOT better in nearly all aspects – graphics, balance, items/weapons, big construction improvements, and much more!

Come in and check it out!

Simply do a server search for THERUSTEXPERIENCE.COM in Rust.

Current full server name: THERUSTEXPERIENCE.COM|20x|Icraft|TP|Homes|Clans|Kits|Remove

The live map for the server is here: PlayRust.IO Live Map

It has a great setup of mods, the 20x makes it much more pleasurable to start & get to speed after a wipe.

See you in game!

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