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Our Server’s First CTF Arena

Here’s a sneak peak at our new capture the flag arena. (Subject to change based on player feedback) Instructions – Empty ALL of your characters inventory, and equipped items – you’re not allowed to bring anything to arena. – Players will be split in two teams and sent to one of two spawn point. (seen […]

Steel Arena II

Steel Arena II is a medium sized arena focused on intense team gun battles. The center of the arena is designed to be easy to take down and reconfigure. Here’s an example of the empty template we have before construction. Admins will advertise the arena match, and give players adequate time to get ready. As […]

Steel Arena I

Steel Arena I is a massive, multi floor, complex of I beams and maze like pathways. Instructions – Players are summoned to the lobby area until everyone is there, given a quick run down. – Players leave the lobby area and go to individual doors at the entrance of the arena. – Players enter their […]


Gladiator is an official server event hosted in our server’s arena. Fighters who rise to become champions will be well rewarded with fame and fortune. BATTLE TYPES: – 1 Vs 1, 2 Vs 2, 3 Vs 3, etc.. tournament, the winner(s) being those who defeat each bracket. – Free For All, all gladiators fight in […]