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Steel Arena II

Steel Arena II is a medium sized arena focused on intense team gun battles.


The center of the arena is designed to be easy to take down and reconfigure. Here’s an example of the empty template we have before construction.

Emptied out & ready for a new configuration.

Admins will advertise the arena match, and give players adequate time to get ready.

As a player, getting ready means…

  • Empty ALL your inventory and equipped items.
  • NO medkits, NO bandages allowed.
  • Wait to be summoned by administrator

Battle about to begin…

  • We will summon every player in their designated starter area and give them a gun and adequate ammo.
  • You’re only allowed ONE gun on your player at any time.
  • You must stay in the starting area(behind the door frame) until one of the admins counts down and says ‘GO’, ONLY GO ON GO!
  • The match will continue until all players from one team are dead. Once that happens the team gets 1 point.
  • Score will be kept until one team has enough points to win the event. (Prizes being awarded to the team)

Builders Credit: esM | Tiki

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