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Steel Arena I

Steel Arena I is a massive, multi floor, complex of I beams and maze like pathways.

Where death comes to play!

– Players are summoned to the lobby area until everyone is there, given a quick run down.

Drill Sergeant Phucket

– Players leave the lobby area and go to individual doors at the entrance of the arena.

Brave gladiators awaiting their grim fate

– Players enter their room, loot and place sleeping bags & loot and equip guns.
– No medkits or bandages allowed.
– One of the administrators will give the go ahead to enter the arena.
– The only objective is to make it to the top of the arena, destroy the wooden door, and throw the signal flare.

The objectives cabin.

– The player to throw the signal flare wins the game and the match is done.

Builders Credit: esM | Phucket & esM | Zezone^

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