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Our Server’s First CTF Arena

Here’s a sneak peak at our new capture the flag arena. (Subject to change based on player feedback)


– Empty ALL of your characters inventory, and equipped items – you’re not allowed to bring anything to arena.

– Players will be split in two teams and sent to one of two spawn point. (seen at beginning of video)

– Admin will announce the match to start after everyone is ready.


– Players must do everything they can to grab the torch from the large wood storage crate.(seen at 48 secs)

– If you have the torch you must hold it actively in your characters hands.

– To win a point for your team, the torch bearer must reach the last platform on top of the arena with the lit torch – this scores 1 point for your team.

– After a point is made, the round is over and players return to their starting cell for another round.

We’re currently working out the logistics of player spawning through mods, more to come..

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