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Rust R-S-L Official Server Details


Fastest 24/7 PvP / Wiped 1/19 / Active Admins / PM / Door Share / 1/2Craft / Sl

Fast pings and very stable


Fast pings and very stable

**24/7** uptime, with very little downtime during patches and resets.

**Server Hosted Events**, We have finished building our third gladiator arena which people will come to fight to the death and face tough opponents. Hatchet battles, gun battles, everything goes. Winners will receive prizes!

**PvP Enabled**, Friends become a precious resource. Be careful though, trust is the exception in Rust

**Active Admins**, to help players if they get stuck or see any cheating – please report it in chat! It will be investigated immediately! Admin powers shall **ONLY** be used for the good and health of the server and community. We’re interested in seeing the community grow on its own, without influence, the only exception being server hosted events which everyone will be able to participate in. Private message an administrator if you need help, find out who they are here.

**Private Messaging**, chat with your friends by using /pm “name” “message”
Door Share – share your current and future doors with your trust worthy companions by typing /share “name” – if you don’t like the way they smell you can /unshare “name” to lock them out until they clean up.

**Economy** – Earn money for collecting bounties. With money you’ll be able to buy and sell resources!

**Starter Kit** – type /starter upon joining to get on your feet!

**Location Coordinates** /location – Also on this server you get a link to which shows you exactly where you are on the map so you can share with friends. Official mod plugin page is here.

**1/2 Crafting time**, because ain’t nobody got time for full crafting time.

**Sleepers**, Welcome to the matrix, welcome to your new life.

All available player commands on our server:

See you in the game survivor.

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