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#ADMINHELP (Help from LOGGED IN Administrators)

/adminhelp “message”
– Players who wish to contact administrators who are online, must use this command.
– Please don’t use general chat to request administrator help, especially important when giving us a tip on someone who you suspect of cheating.
– Only the user himself and logged in administrators can see this message.
– We will help any player who is stuck and can’t get out. (fell into a crevice etc.., we will not taxi players for no reason)


– Create a persistent private messages to admins. (useful if none are on)
– They are used to ask for support, report players and other questions.
– Each player can have 1 active ticket:
/ticket to show your ticket
/ticket “text” to open a ticket or update your current ticket
/ticket close to close your ticket


– Will display the exact coordinates of where you’re currently standing. (X, Y, Z(height))
– If you want to see exactly where you are on the Rust map(so you can share with friends, or find your home) open up and enter in your coordinates from the game
– Another useful resource is, which you can use in conjunction with to better familiarize yourself with the Rust game world.


/pm “name” “message”
– Quotes are needed if the player or message has spaces.
– This will send a private message that only you and the person you sent to can see


/list- Lists all active players on the server by name.

/who- Displays the amount of players currently logged in.


So how do you stack that chedda?

– If you you’re a hermit in the mountains, killing zombies and animals will generate cash for you.

– If you kill someone, on top of taking their dignity, you’ll also automatically steal a percentage of their money.

– If you are of the friendlier kind, you can barter items and cash with other players.

– to see a list of commands relating to the economy system.

– shows your current balance

/money “name” send amount
– sends amount to name

/money top
– shows the current richest player on the server

/price “item”
– list all prices or displays the price of a specific item (item optional)

/buy “item” amount :
– buy and item (optional amount to buy more than 1 item)

/sell “item” amount
– to sell an item (amount optional) for money (default 10% of buy price)
– only items that can be bought from the shop can be sold to the shop.


– list all your friends(if you’re not forever alone)

– add a trusted companion to your friends list(hope they don’t kill you in your sleep)

– unfriend a formerly trusted companion from your friends list(that bastard!)


/share “name”
– Allow access to your current and future doors to a specific player.

/unshare “name”
– Locks a player out of ALL your previously shared doors and future ones.


Put a price on someone’s head, thug life. When you connect to the server, the bounties on your head are listed, if any.
When you kill a player you immediately receive all the bounties on his head and get a +1 to your Contract Kills count.

– Will list who you want dead and how much you’re paying.

/bounty name
– Find out if someone has a boutny on their head, and how much you’ll get if you fulfil the contract.
– Will also list how many contract kills this person made, giving you an idea on how dangerous this person is.

/bounty name reward
– Place a hit on someone’s head, the reward will be automatically deducted from your money and rewarded to the person who completes the bounty.
– If the target player is connected, you can use only part of his name. For example (player “totalitus46”): /bounty tota 100
– If the player is disconnected, you have to use his full name: /bounty totalitus46 100


Rust Console Commands Rust Console Commands Details
grass.on true/false Enables or disables grass; Improves FPS for some
grass.displacement true/false Enables or disables grass displacements.
terrain.idleinterval 0-100 Sets how often to draw unseen terrain; setting to 0 will disable. Turns the UI on.
gui.hide Turns the UI off.
gui.show_branding Turns the branding UI in top-right corner on.
gui.hide_branding Turns the branding UI in top-right corner off.
net.connect “Server IP” Connect to a direct server IP.
net.disconnect Disconnects from a server.
net.reconnect Reconnect to the last server you were on.
censor.nudity false Disabled censorship.
suicide Kills your character allowing for a respawn.
quit Quits the game.

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