Rust Resources

Rust Game Items List

Rust Game Items List

Wood Construction Metal Construction Miscellaneous
Large Spike Wall Metal Ceiling Camp Fire
Large Wood Storage Metal Door Furnace
Spike Wall Metal Doorway Sleeping Bag
Wood Barricade Metal Foundation Small Stash
Wood Ceiling Metal Pillar Workbench
Wood Doorway Metal Ramp Stone Hatchet
Wood Foundation Metal Stairs Sulfur
Wood Gate Metal Wall Supply Signal
Wood Gateway Metal Window Torch
Wood Pillar Metal Window Bars
Wood Planks
Wood Ramp
Wood Shelter
Wood Stairs
Wood Storage Box
Wood Wall
Wood Window
Wooden Door
Armor Weapons Ammo
Cloth Helmet 9mm Pistol 556 Ammo
Cloth Vest Bolt Action Rifle 9mm Ammo
Cloth Pants HandCannon Arrow
Cloth Boots Hunting Bow Handmade Shell
Leather Helmet M4 Shotgun Shells
Leather Vest MP5A4
Leather Pants P250 Weapon Mods
Leather Boots Pipe Shotgun Flashlight Mod
Kevlar Helmet Revolver Holo sight
Kevlar Vest Shotgun Laser Sight
Kevlar Pants Silencer
Kevlar Boots
Rad Suit Helmet
Rad Suit Vest
Rad Suit Pants
Rad Suit Boots
Cooked Chicken Breast Chocolate Bar Granola Bar
Small Rations Raw Chicken Breast Can of Tuna
Small Water Bottle Can of Beans
Player Items
Bandage Large Medkit
Blood Draw Kit Low Grade Fuel
Explosive Charge Low Quality Metal
Explosives Paper
F1 Grenade Pick Axe
Flare Research Kit 1
Gunpowder Small Medkit
Admin Items
Uber Hatchet Uber Hunting Bow Invisible Boots
Invisible Helmet Invisible Pants Invisible Vest

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