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These are Rust game files and commands which helped me in one way or another with server administration or client performance.

Feel free to use them at your own risk.

First and foremost, make sure your video card drivers are up to date.


Rust client configuration settings for improved FPS/Performance.
These are the settings I’ve used in Rust which helped the performance on my laptop.

Rust CFG location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rust\CFG\Client.cfg

If this file is missing, create the CFG folder manually, open Rust, modify 1 item in the settings and click ‘apply changes’ this will create a generic Rust client configuration file(which will be named Client.cfg). You can also create it beforehand as a blank file and follow the same steps if the game has problems auto generating it.

Rust CFG/Console Commands Description
grass.on False This greatly reduces the quality of grass. It also allows you to spot sleepers and resources more easily.
grass.forceredraw False Won’t reload the grass pattern after being displaced.
grass.displacement False Alters whether the grass moves(sways) or not. Doesn’t seem to work.
grass.disp_trail_seconds 5 How many seconds does grass leave a visible trail after a player walked on it.
grass.shadowcast False Whether or not object shadows are displayed.
grass.shadowreceive False Alters if shadows on the ground is “True”(on) or “False”(off).
input.mousespeed 5 Modifies your mouse speed in game, how fast you look around.
input.flipy False N/A
input.bind Left A None Strafe left (A)
input.bind Right D None Strafe right (D)
input.bind Up W None Walk forward (W)
input.bind Down S None Walk backwards (S)
input.bind Jump Space None Jump (Space)
input.bind Duck LeftControl None Duck (Left CTRL)
input.bind Sprint LeftShift None Sprint (Left Shift)
input.bind Fire Mouse0 None Fire/Hit/Slash (Left Mouse Button)
input.bind AltFire Mouse1 J Zoom/Throw Flare (Right Mouse Button)
input.bind Reload R None Reload your current weapon (R)
input.bind Use E None Use/Open (E)
input.bind Inventory Tab None Open inventory (TAB)
input.bind Flashlight F None Flashlight on/off (F)
input.bind Laser G None Laser on/off (G)
input.bind Voice V None Speak in game (V)
input.bind Chat T None Chat with all players on the server (T)
render.level 1 Description N/A – If you have problems with lag – make the value 0. 0.5 Music volume – 0.5 = 50%
sound.volume 1 Game volume – 1 = (100%)
footsteps.quality 2 Description N/A – If you have problems with lag – make the value 0.
gfx.ssaa True Anti Aliasing “True”(on) or “False”(off). Anti aliasing is a graphic heavy option to smooth edges in the game. Turn off for performance increase.
gfx.bloom False Bloom – a ‘movie’ effect with adds soft glows to the world/objects in an effort to make them look better. Turn off for performance increase.
gfx.grain True Description N/A – Increase performance by making it “False”
gfx.ssao False Ambient Occlusion effect True/False.
gfx.shafts True Likely light rays from the sun – If you have performance issues – make the value “False”.
gfx.tonemap False HDR(High Dynamic Range) video effect – Increase performance by making it “False”

Rust steam launch option settings for improved FPS/Performance.
In steam library,
1) Right click on Rust
2) Properties
3) “Set Launch Options…”
4) Test the following commands and see what works best for your computer.


Display your FPS(Frames Per Second)

global.fpslog 5
global.logprint True

Extra commands you can try to increase performance,

terrian.idleinterval 0
render.level 0 0
render.aa 0
env.clouds false

Rust server administration commands and convenient item summoning chart.

We recommend using:

Download: Rust Commands v1.0(12KB, Excel 2010 file(.xlsx) (discontinued)

In order to use the summoning cells follow these steps:
1) Save the file to your computer
2)Open the file and press CTRL+H
3)In the ‘Replace’ dialogue box – you want to search and replace ALL instances of “INSERTNAME” with YOUR in game name.

After the above is completed, I suggest running Rust in window mode and when you’d like to summon an item – hit TAB to release your mouse from the Rust window. go to the excel sheet, copy and paste the cell corresponding to the item you want to summon and the row for the amount.

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