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Steel Arena II

Steel Arena II is a medium sized arena focused on intense team gun battles.


The center of the arena is designed to be easy to take down and reconfigure. Here’s an example of the empty template we have before construction.

Emptied out & ready for a new configuration.

Admins will advertise the arena match, and give players adequate time to get ready.

As a player, getting ready means…

  • Empty ALL your inventory and equipped items.
  • NO medkits, NO bandages allowed.
  • Wait to be summoned by administrator

Battle about to begin…

  • We will summon every player in their designated starter area and give them a gun and adequate ammo.
  • You’re only allowed ONE gun on your player at any time.
  • You must stay in the starting area(behind the door frame) until one of the admins counts down and says ‘GO’, ONLY GO ON GO!
  • The match will continue until all players from one team are dead. Once that happens the team gets 1 point.
  • Score will be kept until one team has enough points to win the event. (Prizes being awarded to the team)

Builders Credit: esM | Tiki

Steel Arena I

Steel Arena I is a massive, multi floor, complex of I beams and maze like pathways.

Where death comes to play!

– Players are summoned to the lobby area until everyone is there, given a quick run down.

Drill Sergeant Phucket

– Players leave the lobby area and go to individual doors at the entrance of the arena.

Brave gladiators awaiting their grim fate

– Players enter their room, loot and place sleeping bags & loot and equip guns.
– No medkits or bandages allowed.
– One of the administrators will give the go ahead to enter the arena.
– The only objective is to make it to the top of the arena, destroy the wooden door, and throw the signal flare.

The objectives cabin.

– The player to throw the signal flare wins the game and the match is done.

Builders Credit: esM | Phucket & esM | Zezone^

First Night In The Steel Arena II

First night in the steel arena was a great success. Hope you all had a great time, I sure did! (Except when I managed to TK Captain Abortion and gizmo3113 – eek!)

Winning Team:

  • esM | Phucket
  • gizmo3113
  • Captain Abortion
  • nuronix
  • istheday420
  • esM | Tiki


Silver Medalists:

  • Ezdamo
  • Weryon Von Necroman
  • TittyLlama
  • Milische
  • esM | Zezone^

NEW Team Death Match Arena!

The exterior shell/starting point is finalized, the idea is that the middle section is re-configurable in a near infinite number of ways.
Check out the screenshots!

Gladiator IV : Steel Death


Two wonderful updates that I’m glad to be making, we’ve had another successful gladiator night! It was more hands on than usual, the last Rust update took out the ability to re-spawn at sleeping bags repeatedly. We’ll be looking into a more viable solution for future battles. The second update is that we’re now getting air drops due to natural population growth! (21 players online as I write)

21 players Rust

On behalf of the administrator team, we’re honored and happy you guys choose to call this place your home on your leisure time.

We’re going to keep doing what we can to, mod work, server tuning, keeping hackers at bay, and most importantly providing you, the players, with the best Rust experience we can provide.

Now without further ado, I hope you all had a lot of fun at tonight’s event and a big congratulations to Emperor CST(Ultimate Gladiator), his teammates Milische and Ezdamo for their victory in the arena!

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Gladiator III : Steel Arena

Congratulations to Valcone424 on winning tonight’s Gladiator battle in our new Steel Arena!

Gladiators which took part in the carnage,

  • Cpt Macaroni
  • gizmo3113
  • Milische
  • Emperor CST
  • To4ify
  • Rusvegas
  • valcone424 : Website News

– Be sure to check out our brand new PLAYER COMMANDS PAGE – I made this today as a great resource that you can bookmark for a comprensive list of all available commands that players have access to on our server! Includes all server modification commands, rust player commands, and rust player console commands.

– I didn’t like the RUST ITEMS LIST I found on the internet, so I made my own today.

– Players who wish to participate in our official GLADIATOR EVENTS, will want to see this!


Gladiator is an official server event hosted in our server’s arena.
Fighters who rise to become champions will be well rewarded with fame and fortune.


– 1 Vs 1, 2 Vs 2, 3 Vs 3, etc.. tournament, the winner(s) being those who defeat each bracket.
– Free For All, all gladiators fight in one large battle. The last survivor is the winner.


– When a gladiator battle is announced as taking place, players must use /adminhelp “message” to say they wish to sign up.
– Once you sign up, you must completely empty your inventory and equipment into a stash outside of the arena.


– No items are allowed on your character or inventory EXCEPT the ones provided by the event.

– Gladiators must stand on the wooden platform with no weapons equipped. No fighting before your event begins.

– No interference with competing gladiators. You can cheer on your favorite fighter, but can’t step into the arena.

– Gladiators can only move off the platform once the signal shot is fired by an admin. You can only equip your weapon AFTER stepping off the platform.

– You must be in full fighting condition, as a starving gladiator isn’t a crowd pleaser. If you’re not full health or won’t have enough food in you to compete without starving, let an admin know.

These rules aren’t in place because we like making rules, they exist because without them we wouldn’t be able to focus on what we’re all here for: gruesome and bloody fights to the death.

Gladiator Night II

Blood, turmoil and despair met all fighters except Fasereo who seized the moment to become tonight’s ultimate gladiator. Thank you ALL for participating, we hope you had as much fun as we did hosting the event. Who will rise next? Who will fall? Do you have what it takes to become the next ultimate gladiator? Gladiator Night III event details will be posted here soon, hope to see you there!

Congrats Fasereo!