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New Rust Server Mods

Very very pleased to announce several updates/fixes to our rust server mods.

MOTD (Message of the day) : Fixed, so we can get important messages/updates out to players.

Ownership Removal: Players can now remove any structural piece that they placed(foundations, ceilings, pillars, walls, etc..) with a pick axe. The first hit will warn you, the second hit will destroy the piece. You will only get back roughly 1/3rd of the resources used to build the item, NOT the item itself. This is to prevent easy raiding by building/deconstructing raiding pieces. So you must still be careful when building not to lose any of those precious materials.

Welcome Kit: New players(and existing ones because this is a freshly installed mod) will receive a starter kit that contains some basic items for your first day on our server.

Anti Decay: Decay has been disabled, meaning all structures you place will last permanently. We’ll keep decay disabled until we reach a population that it would be too resource intensive to manage. For the time being you won’t need to revisit your constructs every two or so days, they’ll be fine unless they get raided.

As always, have fun and let us know of any issues that arise!

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