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Gladiator is an official server event hosted in our server’s arena.
Fighters who rise to become champions will be well rewarded with fame and fortune.


– 1 Vs 1, 2 Vs 2, 3 Vs 3, etc.. tournament, the winner(s) being those who defeat each bracket.
– Free For All, all gladiators fight in one large battle. The last survivor is the winner.


– When a gladiator battle is announced as taking place, players must use /adminhelp “message” to say they wish to sign up.
– Once you sign up, you must completely empty your inventory and equipment into a stash outside of the arena.


– No items are allowed on your character or inventory EXCEPT the ones provided by the event.

– Gladiators must stand on the wooden platform with no weapons equipped. No fighting before your event begins.

– No interference with competing gladiators. You can cheer on your favorite fighter, but can’t step into the arena.

– Gladiators can only move off the platform once the signal shot is fired by an admin. You can only equip your weapon AFTER stepping off the platform.

– You must be in full fighting condition, as a starving gladiator isn’t a crowd pleaser. If you’re not full health or won’t have enough food in you to compete without starving, let an admin know.

These rules aren’t in place because we like making rules, they exist because without them we wouldn’t be able to focus on what we’re all here for: gruesome and bloody fights to the death.

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