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Rust Server going down, permanently.

Phucket and I(Tiki) decided to discontinue going forward with hosting a Rust server at this time. If you’re wondering why, it’s simply the time commitment – we both decided on our own that we can’t commit the time needed to run a server. It does add up, real quick. Maybe once the game comes to […]

Our Server’s First CTF Arena

Here’s a sneak peak at our new capture the flag arena. (Subject to change based on player feedback) Instructions – Empty ALL of your characters inventory, and equipped items – you’re not allowed to bring anything to arena. – Players will be split in two teams and sent to one of two spawn point. (seen […]

Rust Server Wiped

The server wipe is here to stay due to technical reasons forcing our hand. We stated before that we want to do as little wipes as possible, that’s still the case. Here’s the explanation by our Rust server provider. The most recent Rust update released by the developers have caused severe performance issues when using […]

Steel Arena II : Part Deux

Hosted a shotgun battle to relieve the stress of the inner city survivors who live on our server… The match built up to the incredible tension of a 4 – 4, on a first to 5 wins. Taking victory, and thereby ensuring their names in history, the winners in this dimension of space for the […]

Steel Arena II

Steel Arena II is a medium sized arena focused on intense team gun battles. The center of the arena is designed to be easy to take down and reconfigure. Here’s an example of the empty template we have before construction. Admins will advertise the arena match, and give players adequate time to get ready. As […]

Steel Arena I

Steel Arena I is a massive, multi floor, complex of I beams and maze like pathways. Instructions – Players are summoned to the lobby area until everyone is there, given a quick run down. – Players leave the lobby area and go to individual doors at the entrance of the arena. – Players enter their […]

First Night In The Steel Arena II

First night in the steel arena was a great success. Hope you all had a great time, I sure did! (Except when I managed to TK Captain Abortion and gizmo3113 – eek!) Winning Team: esM | Phucket gizmo3113 Captain Abortion nuronix istheday420 esM | Tiki   Silver Medalists: Ezdamo Weryon Von Necroman TittyLlama Milische esM […]

NEW Team Death Match Arena!

The exterior shell/starting point is finalized, the idea is that the middle section is re-configurable in a near infinite number of ways. Check out the screenshots!

Gladiator IV : Steel Death

WHAT A NIGHT! Two wonderful updates that I’m glad to be making, we’ve had another successful gladiator night! It was more hands on than usual, the last Rust update took out the ability to re-spawn at sleeping bags repeatedly. We’ll be looking into a more viable solution for future battles. The second update is that […]

Gladiator III : Steel Arena

Congratulations to Valcone424 on winning tonight’s Gladiator battle in our new Steel Arena! Gladiators which took part in the carnage, Cpt Macaroni gizmo3113 Milische Emperor CST To4ify Rusvegas valcone424