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TheRustExperience.Com – Tiki playing Rust again?

Hello everyone!

Tiki here. I’ve been playing Rust again with friends on a new server. I’m not managing this one,  =T$E= Sonido is the server owner/operator and of my time playing there(since 4 resets ago) he’s as neutral/fair as it gets – follows the same kinds of ethics that me and Phucket followed when administering our server. If you haven’t played in a long while, Rust has gotten A LOT better in nearly all aspects – graphics, balance, items/weapons, big construction improvements, and much more!

Come in and check it out!

Simply do a server search for THERUSTEXPERIENCE.COM in Rust.

Current full server name: THERUSTEXPERIENCE.COM|20x|Icraft|TP|Homes|Clans|Kits|Remove

The live map for the server is here: PlayRust.IO Live Map

It has a great setup of mods, the 20x makes it much more pleasurable to start & get to speed after a wipe.

See you in game!

Rust Server going down, permanently.

Phucket and I(Tiki) decided to discontinue going forward with hosting a Rust server at this time.

If you’re wondering why, it’s simply the time commitment – we both decided on our own that we can’t commit the time needed to run a server. It does add up, real quick. Maybe once the game comes to fruition it would be an interesting idea to revisit – the mod community and rust itself will be more mature. Until then…

Hopefully you all had fun playing on our server. (We sure did!)

Thank you all for joining us!

Our Server’s First CTF Arena

Here’s a sneak peak at our new capture the flag arena. (Subject to change based on player feedback)


– Empty ALL of your characters inventory, and equipped items – you’re not allowed to bring anything to arena.

– Players will be split in two teams and sent to one of two spawn point. (seen at beginning of video)

– Admin will announce the match to start after everyone is ready.


– Players must do everything they can to grab the torch from the large wood storage crate.(seen at 48 secs)

– If you have the torch you must hold it actively in your characters hands.

– To win a point for your team, the torch bearer must reach the last platform on top of the arena with the lit torch – this scores 1 point for your team.

– After a point is made, the round is over and players return to their starting cell for another round.

We’re currently working out the logistics of player spawning through mods, more to come..

Rust Server Wiped

The server wipe is here to stay due to technical reasons forcing our hand. We stated before that we want to do as little wipes as possible, that’s still the case.

Here’s the explanation by our Rust server provider.

The most recent Rust update released by the developers have caused severe performance issues when using old saves. To correct this issue, we will need to wipe the server’s save data folder “myserverdata”. Our control panel will go into maintenance mode at 6:30 EST. During the maintenance, all Rust services will be restarted. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The Beauty of Rust

We’re going to see bugs, setbacks, wipes, cheaters, server downtime, patching, broken features – and we’re going to keep going and accept all those changes, because that’s what survivors have to do.

You wouldn’t think this game is 10% complete looking at it.

Enjoying the view at the the lookout tower…

Rust Server is BACK UP

Edit 4: Server & Mods are all back up and working. We’re aware some players exploited the ownership mod resource bug and are looking into it.

Edit 3: Server has been up since last night – but the ownership mod doesn’t work because it needs an update to fix.


edit: Server is back up – no mods at the moment – waiting on the oxide developer team to release update.

PATCH DAY!!! Read patch notes below, server back up soon…

 February 6th Rust Update

  • Zombies Were Removed (Yep. We did it. We decided we couldn’t hold off any longer. The longer we keep zombies in – the more complaints we’d get about removing them. We are forcing ourselves to deal with it. We are no longer a zombie survival game! They’ve been replaced with red bears and wolves. You hate them. We know. They’re just plugging a gap for now. All will be revealed.)
  • Wildlife Was Improved
  • No longer exploitable by walking backwards
  • Fears hostile wildlife
  • Reacts to gunshots
  • Hostile wildlife retreats if it cannot find a path to you
  • Wildlife should not jump up and switch to random angles anymore
  • Removed white wolf
  • Resource Objects Were Improved
  • Added new models for wood & stone resources
  • Wood & stone resources change model to indicate their quantity
  • Added another stone resource – contains mostly stone
  • Other Changes
  • Fixed bugs with the level (such as rocks intersecting buildings)
  • The ‘oil tank’ area has been modified with cover
  • Workbenches make you craft faster when standing next to them
  • Added new player animations
  • Improved melee attack animations
  • Grass textures have been improved
  • Footstep sounds will never play the same sound as the one previously played

Added locked backpacks and lockpicks test ( off by default )

  • When you die your backpack is locked for everyone else but you for a time
  • Someone else can use a lockpick tool to bypass this time
  • Lockpick tools are a default blueprint
  • You can’t use lockpicks on doors
  • The amount of time the backpack is locked for is per-server and can be set to 0

New Rust Server Mods

Very very pleased to announce several updates/fixes to our rust server mods.

MOTD (Message of the day) : Fixed, so we can get important messages/updates out to players.

Ownership Removal: Players can now remove any structural piece that they placed(foundations, ceilings, pillars, walls, etc..) with a pick axe. The first hit will warn you, the second hit will destroy the piece. You will only get back roughly 1/3rd of the resources used to build the item, NOT the item itself. This is to prevent easy raiding by building/deconstructing raiding pieces. So you must still be careful when building not to lose any of those precious materials.

Welcome Kit: New players(and existing ones because this is a freshly installed mod) will receive a starter kit that contains some basic items for your first day on our server.

Anti Decay: Decay has been disabled, meaning all structures you place will last permanently. We’ll keep decay disabled until we reach a population that it would be too resource intensive to manage. For the time being you won’t need to revisit your constructs every two or so days, they’ll be fine unless they get raided.

As always, have fun and let us know of any issues that arise!

Rust ‘Location’ Mod

Our Rust server modification for location is working again.

Type ‘/location’ in chat, and you can input those coordinates in to get your exact location.

Never get lost again! Thank you players for bringing it to our attention.

Steel Arena II : Part Deux

Hosted a shotgun battle to relieve the stress of the inner city survivors who live on our server…

The match built up to the incredible tension of a 4 – 4, on a first to 5 wins.

Taking victory, and thereby ensuring their names in history, the winners in this dimension of space for the rest of time shall be…




Milische (Pronounced. MI-LI-SHA)



esM | Tiki


pepper hole



Rust R-S-L Official Server Details


Fastest 24/7 PvP / Wiped 1/19 / Active Admins / PM / Door Share / 1/2Craft / Sl

Fast pings and very stable


Fast pings and very stable

**24/7** uptime, with very little downtime during patches and resets.

**Server Hosted Events**, We have finished building our third gladiator arena which people will come to fight to the death and face tough opponents. Hatchet battles, gun battles, everything goes. Winners will receive prizes!

**PvP Enabled**, Friends become a precious resource. Be careful though, trust is the exception in Rust

**Active Admins**, to help players if they get stuck or see any cheating – please report it in chat! It will be investigated immediately! Admin powers shall **ONLY** be used for the good and health of the server and community. We’re interested in seeing the community grow on its own, without influence, the only exception being server hosted events which everyone will be able to participate in. Private message an administrator if you need help, find out who they are here.

**Private Messaging**, chat with your friends by using /pm “name” “message”
Door Share – share your current and future doors with your trust worthy companions by typing /share “name” – if you don’t like the way they smell you can /unshare “name” to lock them out until they clean up.

**Economy** – Earn money for collecting bounties. With money you’ll be able to buy and sell resources!

**Starter Kit** – type /starter upon joining to get on your feet!

**Location Coordinates** /location – Also on this server you get a link to which shows you exactly where you are on the map so you can share with friends. Official mod plugin page is here.

**1/2 Crafting time**, because ain’t nobody got time for full crafting time.

**Sleepers**, Welcome to the matrix, welcome to your new life.

All available player commands on our server:

See you in the game survivor.